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One is charged with a crime when he or she is accused of violating state or federal criminal laws. Between the interactions with the police and the Court, this can be an intimidating and scary experience. Moreover, it can potentially lead to serious deprivations of your freedoms. Know, however, that it is your right to place the burden solely on the prosecution to prove its allegations against you “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

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Unfortunately there are sometimes difficulties in the family that simply cannot be resolved without court intervention. Matters ranging from divorce, custody determinations or disputes, paternity establishment, child support, and spousal support are litigated in the domestic relations (for married couples) and juvenile (for unwed parents) courts. Whatever the issue is, the consequences of such litigation can be confusing, frustrating, and may affect you for the rest of your life.

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Juvenile law concerns itself with care of minors, (ages 17 and under). The Juvenile Court of the county wherein the child resides has exclusive jurisdiction to handle such matters. The juvenile court has jurisdiction to hear various matters, including most commonly juvenile delinquency, children’s services complaints alleging abuse, dependency, or neglect, and custody/support matters for unwed parents.

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